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Calltheplumber was formed to make it easy for homeowners and businesses to find a great plumber…..Quickly and without fear, who has been vetted by CTP that he’s not a bad guy, but a good guy who loves his job, Plumbing! And he will treat you as he would his own family, shows up when he says he will, knows what he’s doing and does it promptly, doesn’t leave a mess and doesn’t make you feel like you have been robbed after you get the bill and lastly, guarantees his work, and if by chance, you the customer, is still not satisfied, just call me, Charles at 570-454-2900 and we will make it right.  All of our plumbers are licensees of CTP. Thank you for considering us.

It’s plumbers that stand between civilized society and uncivilized society.

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Check to see what services are available in your zip code , Ask the plumber when you speak to him.


Consider this, unless you love soaking in a tub, pull it out and change it to a five-foot shower complete with extra shower heads, a built-in seat, and especially the ease of getting in and out of it.


When doing a kitchen, consider the height of your counters and your back, and if you live in colder climate add the simple luxury of an instant hot water nozzle it drove my wife crazy when Id run the hot water to warm my coffee cup up.

Septic Issues

When you make contact with the plumber, make sure he also handles septic issues, usually, there are companies that do just that, only septic issues.

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We pride ourselves on being neat and clean. Your satisfaction and peace of mind is our top priority.

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On a Sunday afternoon after hearing from my tenant in Natick that the hot water heater was severely leaking in basement and it needed replaced. All I could think of was OMG, I’ll be forced to pay his hotel room for he and his wife for maybe a week not to mention the high cost for gas hot water heater and the labor to do it. I called  several plumbers that Sunday and found Eric Gaspard in Boston area, he listened to my major problem, and mentioned he could adjust his schedule for monday and do the job AND HE DIDN’T RIP ME OFF, I was a complete stranger and he jumped into it, picked up replacement water heater, went to house, got it installed and flat out saved my butt, in addition my tenant was my new best friend and I was his hero for getting this done, Eric became my hero.

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Call The Plumber