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We specialize in gorilla  marketing and advertising for the plumbing industry. We choose our plumbers carefully before we license him to use our brand, www.calltheplumber.com

Dedication to my favorite plumber.

Thats how calltheplumber was created, having your friends name at tip of your tongue and using his occupation to locate him. he’s a plumber, call the plumber and i could see this was a great way many of us can use to find our favorite plumber, hence the creation of www.calltheplumber.com and I made it a gift to my friend for being so generous with his time and efforts on my plumbing issues and  who had a way of soldering a copper pipe with this perfect silver collar at each connection, I saw it as high design under the floor. But Russ Hawkins of Baltimore reminded me that he only did such work for me because I was his friend , He dealt with the big pipes used in industry.

He, unlike your residential  plumber did not want to be inundated with prospects for plumbing services which was why I created it for him, to help him get customers by following the golden rule of selling, make it easy for your customer to do business with you and that starts with finding a top plumber, then  making contact  with plumber.

Thank You Russ



So Russ, thank you Russ, now I have the opportunity to help maybe hundreds of plumbers  maintain a conduit to drive customers their way.


Call The Plumber

Call The Plumber